Our "Green" solution is a super-insulated building system that offers an eco-friendly habitat with low-cost sustainability and low energy use.

Any home design can use the system. Tim Carter built this log-home design with insulation board wall panels.

Snapshot of construction during early development of wall panel system.

Beautiful low maintenance habitat built by Tim Carter using insulation board wall panel construction.

Safe & Healthy

The building is protected from the ground up against moisture, radon, all known pollutants and outside noise. Fresh air turnover is controlled. The perimeter walls are fire resistant and the concrete frame is resistant against destructive storms.


Low life-cycle cost alone makes this building system affordable. The initial construction is competitive with standard wood or metal stud "stick-build" construction. 




Energy Efficient

High "R" Values of our dual insulation board wall panels mean lower energy consumption for heating and cooling and, in turn, mean reduced annual cost.

Improves Insulating Concrete Form Construction (IFC)

Our structural frame system uses less concrete and requires less construction time. Perimeter wall panels are custom built in the shop for efficient erection on site.



Since all of the materials used are durable against weather and moisture and are protected against insects, the maintenance activity and cost is low. 


The major portion of our work is done in the shop where wall panels are built to simplify installation and reduce time for mechanical, electrical and plumbing work..