Our mission is to make a positive impact on the environment and on peoples' lives by providing a building, whether residential or commercial, that is healthy, efficient, safe and sustainable.

We want to team with contractor to build a DOE Zero Energy Ready Home!

"People should be able to grow their own food, minimize energy usage that is consuming the earth's resources, maximize the use of solar where practical and live, work and play in a healthy atmosphere... All of us need to do our part to reduce the carbon footprint. Why should we expect the power companies to reduce negative environmental impact while we, the users, continue the status quo?" 

However, choice is limited by availability of facilities to support an improved lifestyle.

"I want to enable people who want to change their lifestyle!" 

Our buildings will allow creative designs with roof-top and patio greenhouse gardens that take advantage of the long-term durability of materials, and barriers preventing moisture, mold, insects, radon and any other known pollutant.

Also, such a habitat must be affordable! Tim Carter would like to replace house trailers and double-wides with our efficient, safe and healthy building system.

Construction innovator, Tim Carter, has dreamed, designed and transformed a concept into a building system that is a giant step towards sustainable living with a low carbon footprint. This system could impact millions of people who should have healthy surroundings, sustainability, protection from all elements and a lifestyle of choice.

 We at TL Carter Building Solutions have high hopes that it will.

Visit the gallery to see the results.


 * LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design