Tim Carter, Owner, General Manager


Tim is a rare individual - a hands-on construction specialist who is knowledgeable of every aspect of building construction. He is especially skillful at visualizing the assembly of building components. He is inventive, a good example being the insulation board wall panel system.  He is a visionary who can see a future where the new system helps people afford safe, healthy and sustainable housing that leaves a low carbon footprint.

Tim has a heart for helping people that trumps business, profit or ambition. He spends many off-hours in his community with those needing assistance. 

Bill Wolter, Operations Manager

Bill is a project manager, a member of the Lean Construction Institute, and promoter of continuous team participation of all major contractors to maximize value delivered to the customer. A retired professional engineer and veteran of the Fluor Corporation, BIll has devoted the past few years to helping others help themselves through consulting.  Contact via email: bill@TLCB.solutions

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