Collaboration is the key!

Flawless Coordination:

It is imperative that all of the contractors are on board with the wall and floor system because it is a different construction process than traditional.

This is especially important to the building layout, structural design and mechanical-electrical interfaces. The panels are detailed to take all interfaces into account for ease of construction.

The owner is an active member of the design team to communicate expectations and align with estimated cost.



"Ready for Roof" 10-12 weeks after design and permits approval is not unreasonable. (*Certain criteria must be met.) 


The people who should be planning the job are  the people who will be doing the work. Realistic workflow is defined by team effort with all major contractors. The result is a reliable plan with everybody’s buy-in.

* Criteria for the 10-12 Week timeline:

  • Approved Architectural and Engineering drawings
  • Approval to pre-purchase materials
  • Selection of specific doors and windows
  • Selection of other components that are designed into the floors or perimeter walls
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing contractors participate in wall panel details
  • Site is cleared and underground/under-ground/building systems are installed

To a large degree, project success is a function of honesty and how much we trust each other. Contractors are selected based on ability, trustworthiness and willingness to cooperate in an integrated work environment.